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Regent Gym Policy


General points of behaviour / expectations for squad members
  • Gymnasts must not be dropped off more than 20 minutes before the start of their session, as you can appreciate other classes may be taking place and it can be a distraction if gymnasts are playing around at the side of the gym area.
  • All gymnasts must be ready to start the warm up, in full tracksuit/jogging suit with a drink bottle and healthy snack five minutes before the session is due to start
  • If for any reason your daughter/son is not able to make a session, please can you text us on 07797 739766 (Julia) to advise.
During Session
  • Once the session has started all gymnasts will be asked to put their drink bottles in the box provided so these are accessible during the session.
  • There will also be a box provided to put all valuables/mobile phones in and these will be collected at the end of the session. There will be no going into the changing rooms once the session has started only at the end of the session to collect your outdoor clothes. (No valuables to be left unattended in the changing area)
  • There will be times when the gymnasts will have drink and toilet break. No gymnast is allowed to leave the gym area unless they have asked permission to from the coach in charge
  • Good behaviour is expected at all times, no talking whilst a coach is giving instructions or teaching.
  • You must respect all gymnasts and your coaches 
After Session
  • Please make sure to take all your kit with you.   Please make sure that if you are bars last that your hand guards have been put away. Please make sure you return your work files to your coach in charge (Please do not leave these lying around in the gym)
  • Please do not leave any rubbish etc in gym area or changing rooms
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