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Little Monkeys

Gymnastics for your little ones


Little Monkeys Gymnastics offers classes based upon creative and physical gymnastics exercise and movement for active little boys and girls from walking to 5 years. At Little Monkeys Gymnastics, our coaches serve as a guide as parent and child work together on basic motor and social skills. Together they practice a variety of gentle moves that help develop the child’s balance, body awareness and coordination.


Parent/Child Classes focus on:

  • Increasing physical strength, flexibility and coordination through gymnastics concepts
  • Awareness of spatial and perceptual concepts
  • Self-expression
  • Greater independence, comfortably separating from parents and early socialization
  • Following directions and cooperating
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Accepting challenges and new places
  • Feeling proud of accomplishments
  • Knowing colours and numbers
Age-appropriate gymnastics are incorporated to increase strength, flexibility and coordination as the children grow, and early socialization and cognitive exercises are introduced. All exercises are designed to prepare the children for the months and years to come.

       A great place to start in life!