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Monkey Philosophy & Policy

Philosophy & Policy


At Little Monkeys Gymnastics, we are proud to state our recreational program follows the fun, fitness, and fundamentals philosophy. Our main focus is to make the classes fun for all our participants. We are also dedicated to keeping participants very active (fitness) while teaching gymnastics skills that are both safe and technically correct (fundamentals).


To ensure you and your child are as well prepared as you can be for your gymnastic experience, please make note of the following: 




  • Shorts/Jogging bottoms and a tucked in t-shirt are best or loose fitting comfortable clothes.
  • Please make sure there are no buttons, zippers, or anything that could catch on equipment, or injure the gymnast during their lesson
  • Failure to follow above instructions will result in non-participation on various apparatuses.



  • Tracksuit/Jogging bottoms, or shorts (no buckles, zippers, belts as these may catch the equipment) T-shirt, sweatshirt, comfortable clothes, etc...
  • No shoes in the gym for gymnast, socks are OK for parents.
  • If your child has any medical concerns with his/her feet rubber bottom slippers or socks must be worn
  • All jewellery should be removed (Wedding rings must be taped)
  • No outside footwear is allowed in the gym area.
  • Parents should come prepared to ACTIVELY participate in the class  



  • No food or drink is allowed into the gym area only water, if you child needs a drink during the class, they must be in a juice bottle.
  • Prams, Car seats, Jackets and bags must be stored cupboard in the gym, shoes stored under the benches. Prams must not be blocking any fire exists
  • Parents and Children must wait just outside the gym area until their class is called in.
  • We have a dedicated area for younger siblings to play in with toys for them to enjoy. 



  • Everyone not taking part in the lesson is welcome to watch. Please refrain from any communication with class participants during class time. This policy is for the safety of both the viewers and the participants.



  • No Photography or videoing of gymnasts whatsoever to be taken without prior consent by both parents and coaches written agreement.

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