- Regent Gymnastics - Leading gymnastics in Jersey since 1981
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All About Us

Who are Regent Gym Club and Little Monkeys Gymnastics?

Regent Gym Club is the leading club for gymnastics in Jersey and together with Little Monkeys Gymnastics offer classes to children of all ages, from pre-school through to late teens. Regent Gym Club was established in 1981, branching out in 2009 in order to offer more specifc gymnastic programmes to children overing pre-school gymnastics for children from walking age (Little Monkeys Gymnastics), general gymnastics (Regent Gym Club) and competative gymnastics (Regent Gym Club).

The coaches at the clubs follow a proven programme of development that progresses the gymnasts in a safe, professional, educational and fun environment catering for those who enjoy the sport at a recreational level as well as gymnasts at a more competitive level.

All gymnasts and coaches in the club are members of British Gymnastics (UK National Governing Body for the sport of Gymnastics). Coaches are fully qualified through British Gymnastics, adhere to Health and Safety standards and are qualified in Good Practice and Child Protection.

Regent Gym Club and Little Monkeys Gymnastics are based at Fort Regent Leisure Centre, St Helier, Jersey.